Scientists decided to build houses on Mars from chitin

Scientists have long been concerned about what to use for homes on our new planet. The material had to be very strong, light and compact. And, importantly, easy to manufacture. And finally, the researchers of the Singapore University of Technology and Design, led by Javier Fernandez, suggested using chitin.

As you know, it is produced by most terrestrial organisms, such as insects, mushrooms and others. For this reason, it can be easily arranged for its production in artificial ecosystems. Using a variety of chemical processes that can be carried out in the first stages of the conquest of the planet, the researchers have identified the material for construction. The components were chitosan and an artificial substance similar to Martian soil.

At the first demonstrations Fernandez and his company were able to show some simple objects made of this material, and the whole shelters – everything that can help the pioneers of Mars.

The scientists thought about this problem because the future Martian explorers will have to stay on the planet for a long time, so the shelters, or perhaps even settlements will not prevent them.