Scientists described the people of the future

Scientists from Australia conducted research and described what a person will look like in a thousand years. In recent years, the evolution has experienced leaps and bounds and the pace of its development has accelerated greatly. Specialists from the University of Adelaide and the University of Flinders assume that the appearance of people will be significantly different from what we are used to.

Every year the quality of medicine and nutrition improves, so modern people will be thin and high. According to experts, their growth will be up to two meters.

Also, due to strong sun exposure, the skin will become more wrinkled. And eyes will increase and be much bigger than now. The change in their shape is due to the fact that mainly only through the eyes people will be able to express their emotions.

Australian scientists also made assumptions about mental development. Thus, studies have shown that the modern human brain will be much smaller. People will no longer have to remember information, because most of it will be stored not in the head, but on external sources.

Previously, experts from Australia have already stated that humanity is developing faster than ever in the past 250 years. More and more people are born without wisdom teeth. This is due to the fact that the jaws are getting smaller, so there is no room for teeth.