Scientists determined that fructose leads to Alzheimer’s disease

Specialists from the University of Colorado and scientists from Japan and Mexico have determined that fructose, namely its high rate, can cause a disease such as Alzheimer’s.

Especially, the development of the disease is observed in Western countries. It is here that the diet style leads to quite high glucose metabolism. Fructose disrupts not only the metabolism in the body, but also leads to problems with the function of neurons.

At present, this is one of the most common diseases. Experts, working on this study, have come to the conclusion that as soon as the level of fructose increases in the body, it immediately slows down the production of mitochondrial energy of the brain. As a result, oxidative stress occurs in the body.

Some scientists hope that there is someone who will continue to study this problem. This will help in the future to create new methods of treatment and prevention. It is worth noting that earlier, the scientists were able to reveal one of the unusual symptoms associated with the pancreas. This symptom indicates the presence of cancer of this organ.

Very often, the pain is confused with back pain. Initially, the unpleasant feelings can begin with the stomach, and then spread to the stomach.