Scientists developed a method to help manage dreams

American scientists managed to develop a method that would help people manage their dreams. It was called sighting incubation of dreams.

This method allows you to make your dreams conscious. And it acts at a moment when a person is in an early stage, which is called hypnagogy. The fact is that during this period, a person is sensitive to external influences, for example, he can hear the sounds surrounding him.

Specialists have managed to find a way to focus on certain things during sleep and to follow their thoughts.

The experiment was to put a tracker on the hand of several subjects, tracking pulse, pressure and finger movement, and ask them to fall asleep. When people entered the stage of hypnagogy, they turned on a certain melody in order to set the theme.

As a result, most of the subjects confirmed that their dreams were related to the music sounding during the experiment. In addition, they even sang or played it on instruments. However, the plot of dreams was individual for each of them.

Thus, the specialists managed to prove that dreams in the initial phase can be controlled before going into a deep sleep.