Scientists did not find signs of alien civilizations in 10 million star systems

The large-scale analysis of the region of the starry sky in the constellation of Sails, made by astronomers from Australia, did not reveal the signs of existence of alien civilizations in ten million star systems.About this, with reference to the publication in the journal Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia.

In the area of the starry sky, which occupies the constellation Sails (it belongs to the southern hemisphere of the sky), there are almost two hundred stars, which can be seen with the naked eye, and millions of other shines, visible only in the telescope. Scientists have used the data collected by the MWA Observatory to analyze this area of the sky for signals from hypothetical alien civilizations.

Astronomers, in particular, have studied the signals from six exoplanets for alien activity in radio air. The total number of studied for the signals of the planets in the constellation of Sails, thus, reached 75. As part of the new project, the researchers have analyzed the calculation of the upper limits of effective isotropic-radiation power of more than ten million stars.

“This is a very large project, which, despite all the efforts made, did not allow us to detect alien signals. But we don’t give up on it. The search for alien signals is a huge area of astronomical research, so we don’t expect a quick result,” said the authors of the completed study.