Scientists figured out the date when the first ancient people arrived in America

A few years ago, American archaeologists said that the first ancient people appeared in America more than 110,000 years ago. Scientists proved it with the help of found bones of mastodons. According to them, these were the tools used by ancient people.

Also in the territory in which, purely hypothetically, there could live ancient people in the Americas, were found the remains of animals. According to scientists, they could be used as hammers for processing bones. But apart from the above-mentioned findings, there was no other evidence of human activity there.

For several years there is an ongoing controversy that about 120,000 years ago, the first ancient people lived in North America. Even a special document was published in which it was stated that scientists had found mastodon bones on the cobblestone. According to this document, the bones were actually in the middle of stone structures.

After the discovery, scientists decided to examine the bones and found that they were lightly worked with a hammer.

According to scientists, the first ancient people who lived in America appeared there about 15,000 years ago. Scientists also say that even 120,000 years ago people could have lived on American soil, but there is no hard evidence to prove it.