Scientists found out what stress can lead a person to

Chronic stress, financial problems and adverse life circumstances can significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Annika Rosengren from Goteborg University (Sweden) has come to this conclusion, writes JAMA Network Open.

In large-scale study, which conducted the Swedish scientists under the leadership of Rosengren, participated 118 thousand people from more than two dozen countries. People, whose age ranged from 35 to 70 years, questioned about the stress – questions have to do with irritability, nervousness and anxiety due to various unfavorable circumstances.

The study participants were observed for ten years, recording changes in their physiological state. It turned out that those participants who were exposed to high stress more often suffered from exacerbations of cardiovascular diseases such as strokes and heart attacks.

As Annika Rosengren, the head of the study, stressed, the risk of cardiovascular complications is twenty or even thirty percent higher when a person is exposed to high stress. This stress is usually associated with financial problems, family relations, illnesses of relatives and similar factors.