Scientists found the cause of the mysterious death of elephants in Africa

Scientists have identified the cause of death of elephants in one of Zimbabwe’s national parks. According to experts, 11 animals died due to bacterial disease, according to September 28 AP.

Elephant carcasses were found in Pandamasue Park. According to the head of Zimbabwe’s parks and wildlife department Fulton Manwania, a total of 34 elephants were killed. At the same time, several more individuals may die soon. Initially, it was assumed that anthrax was the cause of death. Causes of this disease still remain in the soil of some African regions.

However, scientists, having studied the bodies of a number of animals, excluded anthrax, facts of hunger or poaching and came to the conclusion that the cause of their death was cyanobacteria – blue-green algae, “occupying” ponds, which animals came to the watering hole.

The researchers believe that global warming also played a role – as the water temperature rises, the bacteria multiply faster. It is noteworthy that these bacteria are also dangerous for humans. Among the consequences are skin irritation, sore throat, vomiting, sleepiness and fever.

The situation with animal deaths is similar to Zimbabwe in neighboring Botswana. More than 300 elephants were killed there between April and July.

Earlier it became known that a child died in Texas because of the bacteria in tap water.