Scientists have created a new way to deliver drugs to cancer cells

Scientists from Russia and the USA presented an innovative strategy of drug delivery to cancer cells. The new method of targeted delivery of compounds for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer is described in an article that appeared in the pages of the ACS Nano.

The main feature of the new technology is dual targeting, based on the use of two drugs that hit one target – a special protein on the surface of tumor cells. According to Victoria Shipunova, Senior Researcher at the Laboratory of Molecular Immunology of the Shemyakin and Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the use of double targeting technology makes it possible to reduce the concentration of a drug compound without losing its effectiveness.

“Decrease of drug dose with preservation of efficacy allows to protect from side effects, which can be very serious as a result of the use of some chemotherapeutic drugs. Another factor is the low level of immune response when using double targeting. Thanks to this, it is possible to repeat the chemotherapy course if necessary. The new targeted delivery of drugs to the tumor can be the basis for highly effective and rapid treatment, which will effectively prevent metastasis in intensively developing tumors,” – said Shipunova. The specialist added that the strategy of synergistic combined targeted immunotherapy and chemotherapy is based on the HER2 oncomarker – drugs are targeted at different areas of the same receptor on the surface of cancer cells.