Scientists have determined how to make a person happier

Back in 2014, scientists decided to launch a special online course. Its purpose was to teach people to become truly happy. Just in 8 weeks, the participants of this project said that after the course they actually became much happier.

Since then, thousands of people around the world have taken this course. The trainees fulfilled a number of fairly simple requirements, but each week the condition got better and better. Participants also noted that they began to pay less attention to the little things that provoked stress, anxiety and excitement. People began to treat them much calmer, not to take everything to heart.

After the course, the state of “happiness” lasted up to 4 months. The authors of the project say that the methodology of this project is simple. It consists of a theory that consists of genes by 50 percent, and the other part – of life and daily activities. All this makes it clear that happiness is only in our hands!

To become much happier, it is necessary to strengthen your relationships. The stronger your relationship with other people, the happier you are. To become kinder – a purposeful display of kindness from your side will help you to become a happy person. Thank you and be careful – writing at the end of the day and paying attention to other people is one more step to become truly happy.