Scientists have discovered an ancient sanctuary with gold on Crete

On the Crete’s outskirts, near the northern foothills of Ida, archaeologists uncovered tombs that are located under the Zominthos Palace. It turned out that the inner rooms of the palace have an ancient sanctuary.

Jannih Sakellarakis, a leading specialist, expressed the theory that many gifts that people put to the sanctuary in worship of their gods could still be in the building. And it would be unfair to finish the excavation now.

When the researchers found many gold plates that were attached to the ritual pole, the expert’s assumption was confirmed, and archeologists continued to study the palace. In turn, the author of the research said that the found treasures can be attributed to the Minoan era.

Interestingly, the later residents of this area did not steal anything from the sanctuary, which means that they honored and respected religion and, as scientists have proved, even finished the stone altar, near which were found ceramic figures of people and animals. Usually, such figures are left in places with greater sanctity.

Minoan civilization, which emerged in the second century BC, very much revered the palace Zominthos. It was located approximately at an equal distance between the Palace of Knossos and the caves of Ideon Andron.