Scientists have explained who is smarter – men or women

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Science has no such notions as smart or stupid. For it, there are only peculiarities of development and differences in the structure of the brain. However, there is still a certain intellectual competition in society.

The male brain is 12% heavier and 10% larger than the female brain. But back in 1887, Dr. Joseph Simms noted that his weight and size is associated with high growth of man, but this does not make his intellect more developed. At the same time, the brain with smaller mass in an adult woman has a higher density of nerve fibers, which guarantees faster signal transmission than in men.

In addition to anatomical features, men and women also have different brain departments. The stronger sex has a better development of hippocampus, tonsils, temporal lobes and cerebellum. Women have middle and lower frontal gyrus, thalamus, right frontal lobe.

Men have more intrahemispheric connections, improving the work between perception and concerted action. And for the fair sex, they have interhemispheric connections that facilitate the relationship between analytical and intuitive ways of processing information.

However, scientists have proven that all this does not connect the development of mental abilities of a person with his or her gender. Men and women solve the same problems in different ways.