Scientists have learned to identify tire brands from skid marks on asphalt

American scientists representing the National Center for Forensic Science have created a new technology to determine the brand of tires by the chemical composition of traces skidding car. As writes the publication Applied Spectroscopy, the new technique will allow law enforcement officials to effectively search for cars that fled from the scene of an incident.

Analysis of tire tread prints is an important element of forensic work to identify cars. But during emergency braking the tire tread pattern is not preserved – only a solid black strip is left on the road. From such a trace, as the American chemists found, you can also get information to accurately identify the car.

“The composition of the rubber used in different tire models is different, so you can get signatures to identify the tire brand. When you need to make sense of the circumstances of an accident, especially one with a large number of participants, this method can be indispensable,” said Mathieu Baudlet, associate professor of chemistry and one of the authors of the study.

In order to obtain chemical signatures of different tires, the scientists created a laboratory setup in which they accelerated the tire and then pressed it against a surface covered with asphalt or concrete. Laser-blood emission spectrometry was used for detailed chemical analysis of the resulting traces.