Scientists have learned to turn durian husks into antibacterial bandages

Singaporean scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have found a way to combat the spread of food waste. Now durian husks can be used in medicine as antibacterial gel dressings.

Also, experts said that at this rate of development of this activity, other types of food waste can be converted. For example, spent grains and soybeans. Which will help greatly reduce the amount of waste throughout the country.

When these fruits are processed, cellulose powder is extracted from them, which is then mixed with glycerin. The resulting mixture gradually turns into a soft hydrogel and, by cutting it into thin strips, it can be used to dress wounds like conventional antiseptic bandages.

The study found that it would be more efficient and cheaper to produce sterile dressings from waste and yeast than the usual dressings we are accustomed to. Since the creation of such a product uses very expensive metal compounds (such as silver and copper ions), and antimicrobial properties in many ways inferior to the new technological development.