Scientists have solved the secret of building the Mayan pyramids

A group of researchers have studied the ancient Mayan structures located in El Salvador. The pyramids are located on the territory of the country due to the people living in this region in the 500s of our era. The site was home to the city of San Andrés, which was the center of civilization from the 600s to the 900s AD.

In a recent study by Akira Ichikawa, some previously unknown facts came to light. Scientists have found that the Maya tribes abandoned the city of San Andres because of the extensive activity of volcanoes. It is currently known that the eruption of Ilopango volcano dates back to 539 AD. Because of the disaster, the Maya tribes had to leave the city.

Before the study of Akira Ichikawa could not determine the exact year of the pyramids, which were discovered in the 90s of our millennium. Scientists selected 17 samples of buildings for radiocarbon dating. The results showed that the beginning of the construction began 5 to 30 years after the volcanic eruption.

After the disaster, a thick layer of volcanic tuff formed in the San Andres area. The people of Maya decided to build a pyramid out of the accumulation. The author of the study, published on the Antiquity portal, believes that the erection of the monumental structure had a positive effect on the social life of the people.