Scientists have stated the benefits of sex toys for clinical purposes

Sex toys have therapeutic benefits for different disease groups, according to a review article in the journal Nature Reviews Urology. According to scientists at Maastricht University, the medical potential of intimate devices is underestimated. With the help of different devices can treat conditions such as chronic pain in the prostate, rehabilitate the body after pelvic cancer, level out the effects of pelvic irradiation and surgery.

Dutch scientists propose to introduce into clinical practice the use of adult toys for the therapy of physical and psychological sexual disorders, as well as some other diseases.

According to the authors of the work, the medical potential of sex toys is underestimated, and their active use is hindered by prejudice and embarrassment of medical personnel.

Therapy with specific devices can be prescribed to people in case of so-called secondary disorders, when sexual health is impaired due to diseases not directly related to libido. These include heart disease, blood pressure disorders, diabetes, neurogenic diseases – such as multiple sclerosis, congenital abnormalities of the spinal cord and spinal cord injuries.

Other possible groups who may need adult toys: patients with neurological disorders (attention deficit, hyperactivity); men with chronic prostate pain; patients undergoing rehabilitation after pelvic cancer; patients after pelvic irradiation and surgery that caused nerve damage; people with stress urinary incontinence.

According to the authors of the article, anorgasmia, lack of sexual desire in men and women, as well as premature ejaculation can be most effectively dealt with by means of electric vibrators. Another useful sex device scientists call vacuum devices, which increase the flow of blood to the genitals. Most effectively they can be used by patients after surgery to remove the prostate gland.

A toy is only a tool, and to use it for good or for bad depends on the man