Scientists have suggested that the soul returns to the universe after the body dies

The human soul does not die with the body but returns to the universe. This conclusion was made by British scientists who worked on the quantum theory of consciousness more than twenty years ago.

As anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff and mathematical physicist Roger Penrose of Oxford University believe, the existence of the soul can be explained scientifically. “Synaptic input controls the quantum fluctuations that occur in microtubules. These are key components of cellular structure. Memory is preserved by objective contraction,” the scientists stated.

Scientists proposed to consider the human brain as a biological computer, the controlling program of which is consciousness. At the same time, consciousness does not cease to exist after the death of the body – all the data accumulated by it are dispersed throughout the universe, but can return back, if it is a matter of survived clinical death.

The soul, according to the authors of the project, is something different from the usual result of the interaction of brain cells. It is quite possible that it is necessary to consider the soul taking into account the existence of other levels of reality, not yet available for study by traditional scientific methods. This gap in science can be filled with the development of quantum technologies.