Scientists in Australia have created a new technical solution for night vision

Scientists from Australia have created a new technical solution for night vision – it is a thin film, which is applied to the glasses and turns them into a device for night vision, working in the presence of laser light. About the promising invention writes the publication New Atlas.

The super-thin film, created by specialists from the Australian National University, consists of special nanocrystals capable of converting infrared radiation into visible light. In other words, the film acts as a filter, which turns ordinary glasses into a night vision device. In order for such a device to work, a laser-based illumination is required.

“Our film makes the invisible visible. It can transform infrared radiation that we can’t see into photons of visible light. Night vision devices based on our invention require a tiny laser, like the one in laser pointers. Its compactness and simplicity make this night vision technology very promising not only for the military and security forces, but also for ordinary household use,” said Rocio Camacho Morales, lead author of the project.

The scientist added that the technology already exists in the form of a ready-made prototype, which is very affordable and easy to produce. In the future, as the authors of the technology are sure, it will become most widespread.