Scientists in Singapore have developed an environmentally friendly battery

Scientists in Singapore have presented the development of a fully degradable battery based on paper. According to the scientists themselves, the battery is capable of delivering constant voltage for 45 minutes. The power is enough to power a small fan, explained the head of the scientific work. More about the study with its results wrote the scientific journal Advanced Science.

The development from Singapore can help solve the problem of the carbon footprint left by mankind. According to the scientists, the paper battery is able to maintain voltage and current levels regardless of external conditions. This means that whether the battery is partially cut, bent or otherwise deformed, the amount of current remains unchanged. The product is very compact – only 4 by 4 centimeters and 0.4 millimeters thick.

The technology is based on cellulose coated with hydrogel to strengthen the battery, and two electrodes that are applied with special conductive inks. They contain zinc, carbon, manganese and nickel. Different types of ink are used for the anode and cathode. After the battery is created, the paper base is placed in an electrolyte solution, where a thin layer of gold is deposited on the electrodes through electrolysis. Scientists said that this increases the conductivity of the battery’s contacts.

The developers assured that all materials used in the production of the battery completely decompose into safe compounds or disappear without a trace after one month.