Scientists invented the method of water purification with gold and silver

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Researchers from Nizhny Novgorod University have developed a new method that will make it possible to purify organic compounds. This method includes the ability of substances to oxidize and will help purify water and air more efficiently.

Light industry is constantly developing and because of this water is constantly contaminated with organic dyes, which, of course, is harmful to the environment. It is usually purified by photocalytic oxidation. This method is performed under the influence of quanta of light. In this way, harmful compounds are decomposed.

But scientists of the Lobachevsky Faculty of Chemistry invented and patented another method of purification. It requires a compound of titanium dioxide and nanoparticles of noble metals such as gold and silver. This method is faster, because oxidation of organic compounds can occur under natural light, while the previously used product could be used only in special conditions.

Thus, this development can be used to purify contaminated waste water and air from harmful bacteria and substances.