Scientists predict an apocalypse on Earth because of the Moon

As the Moon revolves around the Earth, it slowly slows down the rotation of our planet around its axis, so eventually the Earth and the Moon will always “look” at each other with the same sides. This will lead to drastic weather and climate changes that will make the Earth uninhabitable for mankind.

Such a scenario of the apocalypse was described by American scientists from the Institute of Planetology. According to them, the tidal influence, which has the moon on the Earth, takes away the energy of our planet’s rotation. As a result, the Earth will sooner or later completely synchronize its rotation with the Moon, and will be turned to the satellite with the same side as the Moon to us.

The radical weather-climatic changes that will follow will make our planet unfit for human civilization in its present form. All in all, the Earth faces an imminent apocalypse.

The good news is that the changes in question will not occur until billions of years from now, and by then humanity will probably have coped with the destruction of itself. If not, people will probably find a way to survive the synchronization of the rotation of the Earth with the rotation of the Moon. There is another option – such synchronization will not necessarily happen in reality, because the relevant scientific calculations may not coincide with the real picture of the world.