Scientists proved the possibility of time travel without paradoxes

A student at an Australian university, thanks to physical and mathematical calculations, showed that the probability of time travel without violating the principles of causality, in other words, without paradox.

As you know from the dynamics, if you know the position of the system at the moment, you can learn about its state in the past. Einstein also said in his theory of relativity that the so-called loop of time may exist. All these judgments make us think again about a theory that could combine physics in its classical form with the theory of relativity.

As for a student from Australia, he developed a method and mathematically described it, which would result in time travel, without creating a paradox and fulfill the principle of Novikov’s physics. For example: a person wants to travel through time and exclude the possibility of infecting patient zero with coronavirus. In this case, the health of the planet will not suffer and in the future there will be no desire to make changes in the past.

In this case, the formation of such paradoxes, makes people think that time travel is impossible. However, scientists say that it is possible. The fact is that actions in the past will take place in such an order as to be associated with events in the future. Let’s return, for example, if we do not allow the infection with coronavirus, then the person trying to do all this will become a zero patient himself and the future will be the same as it was.

As the researchers say, they have managed to describe new mathematical processes not previously known, which in turn proves that it is impossible to travel through time and create a paradox.