Scientists report on the formation of a new Ocean

Scientists have predicted the possible formation of a new ocean in the future. This was reported on Sunday, July 19, NBC News.

According to researchers, about 5-10 million years later in East Africa will be tectonic fault, resulting in a split continent.

This part of the continent in the Afar region of Ethiopia is located at the junction of three tectonic plates, which are slowly separating from each other. In 2005, a fissure was formed in the region, which reaches a length of about 56 km.

Scientists believe that the fracture will eventually split the continent in two and create a new ocean basin.

“This is the only place on Earth where you can study how the continental rift is becoming an ocean rift,’ says Professor Christopher Moore of Leeds University in the UK.

In June, French and Australian geologists discovered that a new continent had begun to emerge in the southern Indian Ocean.