Scientists reported longer life expectancy for most mammalian females

Scientists at the University of Lyon in France have found that not only do women live longer than men – females live on average 18.6% longer than most mammals. The study was published by the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on 23 March.

The researchers studied life expectancy data for 101 animal species from around the world. It found that half of the studied species of females live 20% longer than mammals. At the same time, women in humans live longer than men on average 7.8%.

The reason for the higher life expectancy of females was not more rapid aging of males, but the fact that females of all ages died much less frequently. In most cases males died due to predator attacks and natural factors.

In late January, scientists from Denmark and the Netherlands reported that women on average lived two years longer than men. The scientists noted that the gap is gradually narrowing because of women’s addiction to smoking. Men started smoking earlier and more than women. At a time when ladies were addicted to a bad habit, scientists have only found out the harm caused by smoking.