Scientists scanned the picture “Madonna and Child” with special X-ray

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Rafael’s work “Madonna and the Baby” has fascinated the imagination of art historians and scientists for a long time, so now, with the advent of new technologies of X-ray scanning, the picture has undergone a new thorough examination. Permission to scan a valuable object of art went to specialists of the Czech company InsightART.

InsightART employees used a robotic complex of X-ray scanning to study the internal structure of the canvas – as a result, experts were able to solve several mysteries of “Madonna and Child”, written by Raphael, a contemporary of Leonardo da Vinci. Specialists, in particular, were interested in whether the author of the painting was really Raphael, or “Madonna and Child” created by one of his students.

“Madonna and Child” was kept in the Vatican for many years, plus, there is information that the painting decorated the home of Napoleon Bonaparte’s family. In the nineteenth century, the painting got into private collection, leaving the public space. Czech researchers scanned the painting and found out who actually created it.

“A complex X-ray scan of the Madonna, made with a special scanner, showed all the details of the internal structure. We saw how the main layers of work were replaced by the final coating. The analysis of the technique, in which the picture was created, allowed us to correctly establish the authorship. The painting was indeed painted by Rafael,” says InsightART representatives.