Scientists tell what diseases love cures

The state of being in love seriously affects the physiological processes in the body and may contribute to the treatment of some diseases. This is the conclusion reached by employees of the University of Sydney (Australia), who published a study on the topic.

People have long noticed that love can work real miracles. Being in love protects from the development of a number of ailments and makes the body cope better with already existing diseases. Scientists, who paid attention to this phenomenon, decided to better understand its physiological roots.

Observations and laboratory experiments have shown that feeling in love provokes increased production of oxytocin, which, incidentally, is known as the “love hormone.” “Oxytocin is involved in the formation of neural connections that are responsible for maternal feelings for children, establishing social contacts, attraction to the opposite sex, and so on. If oxytocin deficiency occurs in the body, there are serious mental problems, irritability and craving for destructive behavior,” the Australian researchers said.

In a state of love, the body undergoes a real oxytocin attack, and this directly affects the work of various systems and organs. The immune system improves, the body can tolerate stress more easily, and in general works more efficiently, providing protection against disease.