Scientists tell who is watching us from the depths of space

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Scientists have discovered a place in the vicinity of the Earth, from which extraneous observation of our planet can be carried out. Who and why is watching the Earth from the depths of space .

The hypothesis that alien civilizations monitor the Earth for millions of years was proposed by US physicist James Benford. The scientist suggested that the mysterious technically advanced aliens have placed near Earth a special probe, which we will find when we have the technology to do so. As soon as the earthlings find the probe tracking them, the creators of the apparatus will get in touch with Earth.

It should be noted that this is not a new concept – something similar was talked about back in 1960 by radio physicist Ronald Bracewell. Plus, the film “2001: A Space Odyssey” directed by Stanley Kubrick was based on a similar idea.

Benford discovered an “ideal place” where an alien probe could be located, by means of which Earth is being observed. We are talking about one of the near-Earth asteroids known as “co-orbital.” “Such asteroids make ‘loops’ around the Sun, similar to Earth’s orbit. They exist in close proximity to our planet because they are gravitationally bound to it. Astronomers know of several such objects – the closest is asteroid 2016 HO3. The object is a perfect cover for an alien reconnaissance vehicle,” Benford said.