Scientists told about the collision of the Milky Way with another galaxy

About three billion years ago, the dwarf galaxy was torn apart by the Milky Way. It happened because of a small side collision, said the American and Canadian astrophysicists.

Near the constellation of the Virgin, the researchers saw an unusual phenomenon. There was a high density of stars in one place. The unusual thing was that some of the stars were moving towards the Earth and some were moving in the opposite direction. The scientists paid attention to this, because, as usual, stars move synchronously inside any clusters.

So astrophysicists suggested that such a cluster could be formed by an explosion. And recently, they have found evidence of this.

The scientists have shown that this cluster consists of curved shell structures and ordinary stars. Further studies have found that when the Milky Way collided with another small galaxy, the dwarf particles were attracted by tidal forces and now represent long “cords” in the distant edges of the galaxy.

Now the authors of the study want to continue their attempts to solve the riddles of the Milky Way and hope that this discovery will help in this regard. They also noted that such collisions and explosions of galaxies occur all the time in space.