Scientists told what danger virtuality can pose to humanity

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The results of the psychologists’ research made us think about the negative impact of virtual reality on a person and society as a whole. Scientists believe that large companies will start using VR for selfish purposes.

During the experiment, the subjects were offered to take an extreme walk in VR glasses. The dangerous route was located above the alpine valley. People had to walk on blocks of ice, which were hanging in the air at an altitude of 200 meters.

Scientists noted that the more difficult the level and required for the task became, the more careful and thoughtful the test subjects behaved. And as a result, they began to show special qualities of their personality and character.

Thus, the scientists concluded that with the help of virtual reality it is possible to study such psychological aspects as social anxiety, decision-making process and emotional reactions. That is, for each VR user it is possible to make a detailed description of his personality.

However, the new discovery also points to the threat of future technologies. There is no guarantee that personal and character traits data will not be stolen or shared with other companies. Subsequently, they can be used for marketing, advertising and campaigning for political purposes.