Scientists told who was the first person buried on the Moon

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We all know that the Moon is a satellite of the Earth, which is regularly flown by people to explore it, and not only. It is worth noting that the Moon is not only an ordinary satellite, but also the place where a man was buried.

The scientists explained that this man was the famous planetologist Eugene Schumaker. He was the first who began to study the moon and the craters that are on it. And in 1944, he discovered a comet that collided with one of the planets.

Also Eugene Shoemaker was engaged in preparing astronauts for flights. He himself was very eager to take part in a space expedition and visit the Moon, but doctors forbade him. As he had health problems, he was not allowed to go into space.

The planetologist died in 1997, during his working trip to Australia. He went there with his wife. During this trip there was an accident, in which he died.

The students of the planetologist wanted to realize his long dream, to visit the Moon. For this purpose, they sent the ashes of a dead planetologist into space. The plane made an unsuccessful landing and crashed, and the ashes of the teacher got into one of the craters, which is on the Moon.

This is the only case in history when a man was buried on the Moon. But it was not an ordinary man, but an outstanding planetologist, and a wonderful mentor.