Scientists took the world’s first 3D photo of coronavirus

Austrian scientists were able to obtain the world’s first three-dimensional photo of the coronavirus. Particle SARS-CoV-2, writes the German edition of Deutsche Welle, managed to capture in a frozen form.

Until now, computer-generated 3D models of the pathogen were used to image coronavirus particles. But now the visualization of the virus has reached a new level of quality – specialists from the Austrian company Nanographics have made a detailed 3D photo of SARS-CoV-2.

Nanographics is a subsidiary of the Technical University of Vienna that specializes in microscopic photography. The specialists photographed the coronavirus frozen in a test tube using the instant cooling method. The result was a high-quality photograph, which in general did not reveal anything new to scientists – the structure of the coronavirus has long been studied at the most detailed level. But the fact that the pathogen was photographed with such quality is noteworthy.

Previously, Chinese scientists succeeded in obtaining SARS-CoV-2 particles from infected biological material, which were then scanned and stored “digitally”. Scientists stressed that the scanning was carried out in a special way so that the “spike” proteins in the virus samples were not damaged – this task turned out to be quite difficult.