Scientists were able to pick up the signal of the origin of the Universe

A gravitational radiation detector has detected two phenomena. The nature of the discovery is difficult to assess at this time. The scientific work was done at an observatory called “LIGO”. It is equipped with modern laser detectors to detect gravitational waves.

Gravitational waves are produced by the mutual annihilation of neutron stars and black holes. These events are so powerful that they affect space and time in the region of several hundred kilometers. Special detectors responding to small gravitational signals are currently being developed.

The new work was carried out using a modern gravitational radiation detection unit that works according to the bell principle: it rings when it encounters a gravitational wave. The experiment lasted 153 days. During this time period, the “bell” struck twice, with an interval of 1-2 seconds.

Researchers are trying to determine what was recorded by the detector. Now the authors of the study have several assumptions. Some believe it was a cosmic ray or charged particles, others – an axion rotating around a black hole. At the same time, they argue that the received signal was formed during the transition from one stage of the origin of the universe to another.