Scientists will check reports of a “fireball” that flew over the United States

Residents of several U.S. states reported a “bright ball of fire” that crossed the night sky over the United States. Now, reports of a meteor are being verified by experts from the American Meteor Society, who are also studying videos that have appeared on the Web (see the video below).

Video of the meteor was shot by a resident of Lakewood, which is in New Jersey (northeast United States). In addition to the author of the video, the “fireball” was seen by hundreds of people – the American Meteor Society has registered a total of 280 reports of the spectacular phenomenon. Now experts will check all available data to find out what exactly the Americans saw.

According to the American Meteor Society, reports of a bright car began to arrive in the evening on Sunday, November 8. The meteor was seen mainly by residents of Connecticut and New York, but among the witnesses are also Americans from Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, West Virginia and Rhode Island. There are even witnesses from Canadian Quebec.

“We are still checking the information, but our specialists have already managed to predetermine the path of the celestial body. To all appearances, the car was traveling from east to west and disappeared from view around Poughkeepsie, in the state of New York,” the preliminary expert report says.