Scorpio Horoscope 2021 ♏

A unique astrological situation will arise in 2021 for representatives of the Scorpio zodiac sign. On the one hand, in this period, all the signs of the elements of Water are protected from the negative of the moon, the main antagonist of the cycle. On the other hand, the Moon is responsible for the decline of Scorpio forces, so some part of its influence in any case will remain. The positions of Scorpio will be strong on the whole. Your steward is Mars, and in 2021 he will dominate the celestial bodies together with the Sun. However, this will strengthen the negative of Venus, the antagonist of the red planet, which is responsible for restricting Scorpio. That’s why all year long you will be thrown from one coast to another, and there is nothing to think about staying somewhere long. This is not a negative characteristic of the period. Quite the contrary – new acquaintances, events and opportunities await you. Such dynamic activity itself is not typical of Scorpions, so in the first months can be difficult, and you will have to get used to a lot. And let the changes not be gradual, you are already instinctively ready for many of them, and it will also play into your hands.

The beginning of 2021 will be bright and memorable for Scorpions. First of all, you will have something like a move, a change of job or social status. The key change will be one, and you certainly will not miss it. You should focus on it (the rest is also important, but not a priority). Keeping in mind the liking of the Bull, the patron of this year’s cycle, do not dream between opportunities. It’s better to use them one by one. Try not to get used to them, because one important and interesting acquaintance is sure to be replaced by another, and then there will be more, and more. It also makes sense not to ignore the advice from the outside, but not from everyone. Focus on those who are really important to you – they will be right in the end. When it comes to personal relationships, don’t be selfish, that’s the main thing. Otherwise, act in proportion to the circumstances. If you encounter a problem that you do not think you can solve, do not change the tactics, but just wait for the more convenient occasion. It is not adaptability that is required, but the ability to act in a timely manner.

The period from mid-April to mid-July 2021 will bring the representatives of the zodiac sign Scorpio temporary rest and new curious situations. All trends of the beginning of the year are still relevant. However, you will already begin to understand something, so you will act more successfully. On the working direction, those who do not have their own business, may find an opportunity. How to use it? The main advice is to take your time. First, because you will not be the only contender for success. Perhaps, it is better to step back to get much more. Secondly, Scorpio during this period will be one of the few signs that will be more successful not to act alone, but in a group. If you have your own business, it makes sense to get new (or well forgotten) allies. If you have any doubts, take a look at the planned outcome and be inspired. Especially since no one, except you, will be able to achieve this result. And if you continue to have doubts then – well, the stars wash their hands. This time will be successful only for the strong spirits.

The second half of summer and early autumn of 2021 will bring new adjustments and unusual situations into the life of Scorpions. You will receive an offer, but the circumstances will be so that you can not use it as planned. There will be no disappointment, because soon you will realize that this is even better. Do not be afraid of drastic decisions. If you have your own business, know that this period is ideal for investment and project start. If you work for an organization, don’t take risks, but if you have the opportunity to prove yourself, use it. There may be changes in personal relationships that will not directly affect you. Try to behave as actively as possible, even if you have almost no energy left after work. At this stage, your support is important for your loved ones. Appreciate the minutes you spend together. These are moments of sincere happiness.

The final period of 2021 will be for Scorpions the calmest time in the whole year cycle. Traditionally, by the end of the year everyone usually runs, rushes, trying to eliminate the defects. You won’t have to do it, because none of your current projects will require completion by that time. On the contrary – during this period, many trends will only come into full force. By the way, this is an excuse to work hard, so it’s better not to plan for winter vacations and long trips to relax. This time will be quite calm, although a couple of times it will definitely surprise you. Do not take on your account the failures of others, even if you were involved in it. The stars advise you to spend less time on feelings and emotions, focusing on grounded issues. Pay attention to your health, think about what you should have done in your home a long time ago. This is not the time to think about the future or to analyze the past. Dear Scorpions, in 2021, live the present, enjoy, and happiness is sure to be in your hands.