Secret handwritten notes by Queen Anne Boleyn found in her prayer book

Faded inscriptions, which were not previously known, researchers have found in a prayer book, which belonged personally to Queen Anne Boleyn. The woman treasured her little book of prayers so much that she took it with her to the scaffold. The queen was executed in 1536 by order of her husband Henry VIII. Information about the discovery was published in The history blog.

A small book with prayers was published in the capital of France in the early 16th century. Printed on parchment, the prayer book originally belonged to Henry VIII’s first wife, Catherine of Aragon. After she was divorced and the king married a second time, the prayer book passed “by inheritance” to his new wife.

Medieval studies specialist Kate McCaffrey subjected the prayer book to several studies, during which she discovered hidden inscriptions in the book. It was possible to read the text under ultraviolet light. It turned out to be the autographs of several people with whom the executed queen was close.

The medievist suggested that after the queen’s death, the most precious thing to her went to the family of her childhood friend, where it was kept for a long time, being passed on from one generation to another. Each of the custodians signed the book. Over time, apparently, the ink faded. And it was only thanks to modern technology that we were able to discover the recordings.