Senator Ted Cruz directly accused Dorsey of repeatedly censoring President Trump’s posts

The Senate Judicial Committee again heard from Jack Dorsey on Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook about censorship in their social networks.

This round was mainly about suppressing information about the 2020 U.S. elections.

There were some interesting points.

For example, Senator Ted Cruise directly accused Dorsey (Twitter head) of repeatedly censoring the posts of President Trump, especially those in which he claimed election fraud.

– “Is there voting fraud? – Cruz asked.

– I don’t know for sure,” Dorsey answered confusedly.

– “Then why does Twitter directly censor any claims of electoral fraud?” – asks Cruz.

Dorsey says Twitter “just encourages people to have a wider discussion so they have more information.

– No, that’s not true,” Cruz answers. – “You put up a page that says, and I quote: “Any kind of electoral fraud in the United States is extremely rare. This is not a reference to a broader discussion. It is a controversial political position and when you do it, you are a publisher. You have the right to take a certain political position, but you cannot pretend that you are not a publisher, and you benefit from it particularly….