Seoul assigned the responsibility for the destruction of the inter-Korean communications office to the DPRK

The Government of South Korea deeply regrets the explosion of the inter-Korean liaison office in Kae Seong and holds the DPRK fully responsible for this situation and its consequences. This was announced on Tuesday, June 16, by the first deputy head of the National Security Department, Kim Yu Kyung, following the meeting of the National Security Council.

“The Government expresses extreme regret over the unilateral bombing by the North Korean side of a building constructed under the 2018 Panmunjom Declaration of the Joint Inter-Korean Liaison Office. This action has destroyed all hope for the development of inter-Korean relations and peace on the Korean peninsula. My government notes that all responsibility for the consequences lies with North Korea,” Yonhap News quoted him as saying.

Kim Yoo-Hyun also warned that if the North Korean side took further action, a strong reaction would follow.

Earlier on Tuesday it became known that the DPRK completely destroyed the joint north-south communication office in the industrial zone of Kaesong.

The conflict between the two republics broke out last week after anti-government leaflets appeared on DPRK territory and were delivered from the South with balloons.

The North Korean authorities then stated that they were “cutting off” all communication lines with South Korea. In Pyongyang’s view, “inter-Korean relations have reached an end point” and negotiations with the Republic of Korea have been disappointing.