Seven people were injured in a shooting in Philadelphia

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Seven people were wounded and hospitalized in a shooting near a train station in the U.S. city of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), ABC News reported on Wednesday, February 17.

It is noted that the age of the wounded ranges from 17 to 71 years. At the same time, a 71 year-old man was wounded in the abdomen and both legs, he is in critical condition. The condition of the other six people is stable, the local police said.

The officers detained one suspect in the shooting. Two firearms were seized from his possession. However, the police admit that there could have been more than one shooter.

Eighteen shell casings were found at the scene, experts are trying to determine whether they were all fired by the same perpetrator.

On Feb. 12 in Toronto, two people were seriously injured in the shooting, including a 14-year-old girl. Four crime suspects fled the crime. Bloodhounds are involved in the search for them.