Seven simple ways to slow down the aging process

British systems biologist and longevity expert Andrew Steele has listed seven simple habits that will help slow the aging process, reports the Express.

These are healthy sleep, regular physical activity, refusal of food additives and unusual diets, presence in the diet of a large number of vegetables, control of heart rate and blood pressure, and maintenance of dental health.

According to the specialist, even ten minutes of regular daily walks are enough to have a positive effect. Steele noted that while exercising the main thing is not to overdo it, because excessive loads can reduce life expectancy.

On March 11, it was reported that scientists have discovered the cause of the aging brain. Studies of scientists from Germany, Britain and Italy have shown that it is due to the loss of myelin. This substance protects the brain’s nerve fibers, the axons that provide the connection between brain cells. As we age, the cells that control myelin repair become less effective.

In February it became known that Japanese scientists have identified a way to stop aging. Researchers have discovered a mechanism that helps get rid of aging cells in the body.