Several cases of suspected anthrax detected in China

Several cases of suspected cutaneous anthrax have been detected in Shanxi Province in northern China. No fatalities have been reported. This was reported by the Global Times newspaper.

The newspaper notes that on August 12, a hospital in Wenshui County in Luiliang Municipality notified the local center for disease control and prevention that several residents in Baoxian Village had recently developed papules on their extremities. These papules then turned into blisters, ulcers and blackening.

Meanwhile, a preliminary epidemiological investigation revealed that nine people in the village had related symptoms. Four citizens were sent to Taiyuan for treatment, and two of them have already been discharged from the hospital. However, five more patients are currently in the village, all of whom are isolated and undergoing treatment.

The newspaper specifies that all nine patients are engaged in breeding and slaughtering livestock or selling meat.

Local authorities promptly dispatched specialists to the village.

Earlier, on August 9, the Global Times reported that Beijing notified a patient who was diagnosed with anthrax. It was noted that the patient came from the northern Chinese province of Hebei, where he had been in contact with cattle and sheep.

Before that, on July 19, more than 500 thousand Chinese appealed to the World Health Organization (WHO) to check the Fort Detrick military biolaboratory in Maryland, USA for safety. The signatories suggested that a thorough investigation of the U.S. laboratory could prevent a new epidemic.