Several dozen people in Chile were vaccinated with the dog vaccine

At least 75 people have been vaccinated in Chile with a dog vaccine. According to EFE news agency, this happened even before normal vaccines against the coronavirus were supplied to the country, but the public has only now become aware of the cases when the Antofagasta Regional Health Secretariat contacted the prosecutor’s office.

As doctors point out, the use of animal drugs on humans is extremely dangerous. “There are studies that say that the effects on humans can be localized, such as causing irritation at the injection site, or can lead to systemic effects,” said Rossana Diaz, health minister of the Antofagasta region.

Cases of dog vaccine use on humans have been identified in the town of Calama in northern Chile. Representatives of the Antofagasta Region Health Secretariat pointed out that employees of two veterinary clinics did not use masks. They attributed their behavior to the fact that they had already been vaccinated. It turned out that Maria Fernanda Muñoz, a local veterinarian, had given them the injections. She had used a drug given to dogs to protect them from the coronavirus, but from a different type of infection that only occurs in animals. Another veterinarian, Carlos Pardo, did the same. How many people they inoculated with the wrong vaccine is still unknown. According to the authorities, at least 75 people.