Sex party of diplomats and politicians was interrupted in Brussels

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Brussels police detained 25 participants of a sex party in a bar, including foreign diplomats and at least one member of the European Parliament. This was reported in the Belgian media on Tuesday, December 1.

According to them, the incident took place on Friday night in a bar near the police commissariat in downtown Brussels. The party was organized contrary to the rule that all pubs in Belgium should be closed due to quarantine, the parties are also prohibited.

Law enforcement officers became aware of the event because of the noise, which attracted their attention. The police went to the place where, after their arrival, one of the party participants tried to escape through the window. When detained, he declared his parliamentary immunity and threatened the police with interference from the Belgian Foreign Ministry.

Law enforcement officers found a lot of alcohol and drugs in the bar. The intruders were released after administrative protocols were drawn up.

The identities of the party participants, including MEPs, are not disclosed, but Nieuwsblad reports about the sudden resignation of a member of the European Parliament at the weekend from the ruling FIDES party in Hungary, Jozsef Sayer.

As reported by Reuters, Sayer confirmed that his resignation is associated with participation in the party.