Shannen Doherty told how hard it is to prepare for death

In February, the 49-year-old star of the ” Charmed” told that she had breast cancer of IV degree, which returned after remission.

Doherty is determined to fight the disease, but thoughts of a sad outcome do not leave her. In a recent interview with Elle Schennen, she said she plans to prepare letters for her loved ones to read after her death.

I have not yet sat down to write them. But it has to be done. There are things that I want to say to my mother. And I want my husband to know what he means for me,

– She shared with Shannen and added that she also plans to record video for her loved ones.

When I think I have to go ahead and do it, I feel like it’s the end. I think that’s it, I’m leaving, but I’m not leaving. I feel like a very, very healthy person. It is difficult to prepare for the end when you feel that you will live another 10 or 15 years,

– noted the actress.

Having chosen to fight for life, Shennen enjoys simple things during quarantine.

I try to appreciate the simple little moments that people usually do not notice or take for granted. Everything ordinary becomes important for me. Inside us is a bottomless well, you just have to keep digging deeper to find the strength to withstand adversity and see the beauty of life,

– summed up the actress.