Sharon Stone reports death of 11-month-old nephew

Sharon Stone reported that her 11-month-old nephew and godson River died days after he was found in bed with “complete organ failure.” She made the announcement Monday, Aug. 30, on her Instagram.

“River William Stone. September 8, 2020. – August 30, 2021.” – she wrote in the description to the posted video of the baby.

At the same time, Stone did not explain the details of what happened or why the year-old baby’s organs failed. She spoke about Rivera’s ailment on Friday, August 27, asking the audience to pray for her godson.

Doctors told Rivera’s mother that if her son had survived the ailment, he would never be the same again, the Daily Mail reported. At this time, neither she nor her husband have commented on the child’s death.

In January 2018, Stone spoke about a brain hemorrhage she suffered in 2001. According to her, doctors at the time estimated her chances of survival at 5 percent. The accident affected her professional qualities, and she was unable to get roles in movies for a long time.