Shooting in New York City: One dead and two injured

There was a shooting at a New York City supermarket. One person was killed and two were injured, NBC reported Tuesday, April 20.

According to police, the shooter fled the scene and is currently being sought. The motives of the intruder are unknown.

The incident took place at the Stop & Shop on Long Island. State authorities arrived on the scene.

According to the NYPD Twitter account, the suspect was identified. He turned out to be 30-year-old Gabriel DeWitt Wilson. Law enforcement officials gave a specific description of the man, adding that he was last seen heading westbound on Hempstead Highway.

Persons with any information were urged to contact the police.

The day before, a shooting occurred in the U.S. city of Shreveport, Louisiana. At least five people were wounded as a result, there were no reports of fatalities.