Singaporean scientist predicted a new coronavirus

In the next decade, the world will face another coronavirus infection, which will also be transmitted from animals to humans, said a scientist from Singapore.

According to Professor Van Linf, director of the New Infectious Diseases Program at Duke-NUS Medical School, it is not yet known exactly when the outbreak will occur and how serious the threat of a new virus will be, but its emergence is to be expected “absolutely sure”.

Another prediction concerns the current coronavirus.

“Scientists are seriously concerned that Sars-CoV-2 may be transmitted from humans to animals, and then back after a while,” – quotes the expert July 7 Streits Times.

The professor also noted that the most dangerous prospect of reverse infection of bats, as they are completely asymptomatic carry coronavirus and can infect both animals and humans.

At the end of May, American scientist Michael Greger predicted that in the future the world will face a new “apocalyptic” virus, compared to which the coronavirus does not seem so serious.