Six countries joined the EU sanctions against Russia

Partner countries of the European Union announced their accession to the alliance’s anti-Russian sanctions on Crimea in force until June 23, 2021. This was stated in a statement by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrel on behalf of the alliance on Monday, August 24.

According to the statement, candidate countries Montenegro and Albania, members of the European Free Trade Area Norway and Iceland, as well as Ukraine and Georgia announced their accession to the EU Council decision of June 18, 2020 to extend sanctions against Russia until that date.

The statement said that these countries “will ensure that their national policy is consistent with this Council decision.

Earlier, on June 18, the Council of the European Union approved a decision to extend the restrictions against Russia for another year because of the Crimea.

Permanent representative of the Republic of Crimea under the president of Russia Georgiy Muradov stated that EU sanctions prolongation is another exhaust and stupid worries that peninsula’s residents don’t pay attention to.

He added that hundreds of prudent European politicians and economists have repeatedly explained that restrictions are much more harmful for European citizens than for Russia.

Nikolay Kobrinets, director of the Pan-European Cooperation Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, noted that the country has learned to live with these restrictions.

Later, on August 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the meeting with graduates of the third stream of personnel reserve of managers studying at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration that sanctions against Crimea create problems, but are overcome.

Crimea joined Russia in 2014 after the referendum, where 96.7% of the population voted for reunification. Kiev did not recognize the voting results and periodically announced plans to return the region. Putin has repeatedly said that the issue of the Crimea is closed.