Six police officers injured in protests in Colombia’s capital

At least six police officers were injured during clashes with protesters in Bogota. This was reported on Thursday, July 29, the newspaper El Tiempo, citing law enforcement authorities.

“Six officers were injured and had to be hospitalized,” said Eliesera Camacho, police commander of the Colombian capital.

The riots took place on Wednesday. Thirteen people were detained for vandalism.

Earlier, on June 5, at least two people were killed and seven others were injured in riots during protests in Cali in western Colombia. At least 28 people were injured by firearms or blunt objects. In addition, four police officers were among the injured.

On May 27, it was reported that dozens of people in the Colombian capital Bogotá were injured in riots during mass protest marches organized by the National Protest Committee, authorities are imposing a night curfew.

Demonstrations against tax reform have been taking place in Colombia since May. Riots have occurred in Bogota, as well as Cali, Medellin and other cities. More than 840 people have been injured on both sides of the barricades, with 431 detainees reported. President Ivan Duque later publicly refused to expand the application of VAT on gasoline and utilities and the income tax base, but the protests continued.