Snow fell in the driest desert on Earth

Snow fell in Chile’s Atacama Desert, considered the driest place on Earth. The video was published August 27 by the Associated Press agency on its YouTube channel.

The footage shows snow lying all over the desert. The precipitation also fell in the local mining town of El Salvador. Its residents began playing snowballs and making snowmen.

Some users expressed their opinion about what was happening in the comments under the video. Some called it a “bad sign” that climate change is happening around the world. Others in the discussion thought the snowfall in the desert was a “scary sign” for all mankind.

In late July, freezing temperatures arrived in the central part of the Republic of South Africa (RSA). Historic minimum temperature records were broken in 19 areas of the country. In the city of Kimberley and surrounding areas, freezing temperatures reached minus 9.9 degrees. Weather forecasters reported that such low temperatures have never been seen there in the entire period of meteorological observations.

In addition, temperatures in Johannesburg dropped to minus 7 degrees. The previous cold record – minus 6.3 degrees was recorded in the city on July 19, 1995.

Weather forecasters said that for the first time in many years it snowed in different parts of South Africa and numerous roads were blocked because of icing.