Snowden warned officials about the dangers of using WhatsApp and Telegram

Former US National Security Agency employee Edward Snowden spoke about the dangers of officials using WhatsApp and Telegram messengers.

snowden telegram watsup

Edward Snowden said this in an interview with French radio station France Inter.

According to the disgraced agent, any official who uses these messengers in his work makes a major mistake, as the degree of their security gradually decreases. WhatsApp was especially received: “Facebook is the owner of this messenger. Layer by layer they erase different levels of protection,” Snowden said.

He also criticized Telegram. In general, according to him, the best choice for officials would be Signal and Wire messengers. They are also free, but much safer, while WhatsApp and Telegram are certainly better than SMS or other types of unencrypted messages, but they do not provide reliable protection.

Recall that in 2013, Snowden handed over to journalists The Guardian and The Washington Post secret documents concerning the program of surveillance of citizens of the United States and other countries. U.S. authorities accused him of treason, which caused Snowden to flee the country. Russia granted him political asylum, but Snowden recently expressed his thoughts on moving to France.